HoudahSpot 2

My thanks to Houdah Software for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. HoudahSpot 2.2 is a terrific search utility for Mac OS X. It uses Spotlight for the back-end, but provides its own interface for queries and results, which interface is better than Mac OS X’s built-in Spotlight interface in every single way. Complex queries are easier to build and more precise. Simple queries, using HoudahSpot’s new “Blitz Search” feature, feel much faster than with the Spotlight menu item, because HoudahSpot doesn’t mimic Apple’s asinine “start trying to show results after you’ve typed a single character” behavior.

Check out Houdah’s screencasts for more info on how it works. HoudahSpot costs €15 (US$23 at this moment), but DF readers can save 20 percent using the coupon code “DF2008”.

Friday, 1 August 2008