Nullriver NetShare

This story is downright bizarre. Nullriver — the company that spearheaded the jailbreak installer project — created an App Store app called NetShare, which enables an iPhone to share its EDGE or 3G Internet connection with a Mac or PC via Wi-Fi. That seems like a crazy app to build, given that there’d seemingly be no chance that Apple would accept it. But Apple did accept it, and it appeared on the App Store yesterday, selling for $10, and it apparently works as advertised.

Soon thereafter, though, NetShare disappeared from the store. Assuming that Apple does not wish to allow phone network tethering, it seems crazy that this app got through in the first place. The name alone — let alone the product description, or the fact that it came from the creators of — makes it very clear what it does.

Update: As of this moment, NetShare is back in the App Store. I just bought a license a moment ago, as did Andy Baio.

Friday, 1 August 2008