USB Hub Slows Down iPhone Syncing?

With both my original iPhone after upgrading to the 2.0 OS and with my iPhone 3G, syncing with iTunes has been a lugubrious affair, typically taking an hour or more. After quipping about it on Twitter today, Scott Paterson directed me to this write-up of his, describing how his hours-long syncs were reduced to 5 minutes after switching from plugging his iPod into a USB hub to a direct connection on his Mac.

I use a USB hub, too. I tried the direct connection, and damn if it didn’t complete a full sync in five minutes.

Update: A lot of readers are reporting that even without a hub, they still get hour-plus iPhone sync times. Could be that my fast syncs yesterday were the result of having just completed a full sync and backup earlier in the evening.

Thursday, 4 September 2008