The Continuing Correlation Between Apple’s Share Price and Steve Jobs’s Weight

Speaking of Dan Frommer, he sums up the thinking on Wall Street regarding tomorrow’s “Let’s Rock” special event:

New iPods — expected to be announced during an Apple media event tomorrow — are key to Apple’s holiday sales. But key to Apple’s (AAPL) stock activity tomorrow: How CEO Steve Jobs — who’s expected to deliver a keynote — looks on stage.

Robert Holmes, writing for, questions whether Jobs will even appear on stage:

Jobs has previously battled pancreatic cancer, but his frail appearance during the launch of the iPhone 3G in early June ignited speculation that he is continuing to battle the disease, sending Apple shares tumbling more than 7% during the week. Many Apple shareholders hope Jobs will be the keynote speaker during tomorrow’s event, assuaging fears.

Spoiler: Jobs will be on stage, in his usual role. But he remains just as thin as he was in June. This isn’t some sort of state secret, though. Jobs is a common presence on the Apple campus. He eats in the cafeteria, he walks around between buildings. He’s not and has never been a recluse.

Monday, 8 September 2008