From the Department of Snappy Answers to Simple Questions

Craig Grannell:

In July, Apple noted that an upcoming “product transition” would affect future profit margins, prompting speculation. For once, such speculation has started to fade, but now rumors regarding the new MacBook are beginning to surface: an aluminium case, LED backlit display, multi-touch. Does that sound like anything to you?

Is Apple going to ditch the “Pro” from MacBook Pro and streamline its laptop range, leaving just a “standard” MacBook (with different screen sizes and minor tinkering possibilities under the hood), and the Air for people who happily set fire to $50 dollar bills?


Also, Apple’s “product transition” was the explanation for their lowered gross margin guidance for this financial quarter, which ends in two weeks. The product transition therefore must have been a reference to something that Apple has already done, for products they are already selling. Like, say, the new iPods introduced last week.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008