HTC G1 Specs

Update: I’ve updated the link to point to HTC’s official page. Corrections below.

At $179, it costs $20 less than an 8 GB iPhone 3G, but the G1 only comes with a 1 GB SD card. It also only has 64 MB of RAM. The G1, however, comes with 192 MB of RAM; the iPhone has just 128 (although Apple doesn’t publicly state how much RAM it has). The overall size is about the same, except the G1 is 16mm thick, vs. 12 mm for the iPhone. The display has the same pixel count (480 × 320), but is smaller at 3.2 inches vs. 3.5 for the iPhone.

Some limitations are much like the iPhone’s: it’s SIM-locked to the carrier, has no VOIP app yet, and doesn’t allow tethering the data network to a PC.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008