CS4: Sweating the Details

Adobe’s John Nack:

I’m a perfectionist, and I deeply, viscerally want to smooth & polish every aspect of Photoshop. Doing it all in any one cycle is impossible, but I’m proud to say we’ve put a ton of effort into sweating the details in CS4.

You’re going to see tons of flashier features in other write-ups, and of course I’ll cover them here, but for this cycle I want to lead with the little stuff — things you might not read about otherwise, but which can make a big difference while working.

I love weblog posts like this. Some good news for Mac users, too, such as:

Cmd-~ (tilde) is now assigned to switching among open documents, as is Ctrl-Tab, meaning Photoshop is now consistent with both Mac and Windows conventions.

(Not sure why Nack’s post is riddled with underlined phrases that aren’t links, though. I keep trying to click on them. The use of underlining for any purpose other than indicating hypertext links died a decade ago. Update: Perhaps it was a formatting error; the underlines are gone now.)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008