Old Apple Cinema Displays Still Available

Apple is still selling the full lineup of old Cinema Displays, including the 23-inch model that one would think was replaced by today’s new 24-inch LED Cinema Display. I’m not sure what the story is here, but my best guess is that it’s about the new DisplayPort connectors. The new MacBooks all have them and so does the new 24-inch LED display. But no other Macs have these ports, and Apple doesn’t (yet?) have a DVI-to-DisplayPort adapter, so Apple needs to keep the old displays around for the time being.

Update: To clarify, Apple is selling adapters that allow MacBooks with mini DisplayPort ports to connect to DVI displays. What they don’t sell is an adapter that would allow a Mac with a DVI port to connect to the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008