Another Example of Why ‘Cult of Mac’ Is Held in Such High Esteem

Pete Mortensen, back on October 6, regarding 9to5Mac’s report that Apple’s then-upcoming new laptops were going to be carved from solid pieces of aluminum:

I’ve been talking with other industrial designers about this issue, and they all agree that the reasoning behind the current Brick rumor doesn’t add up. One friend of mine guessed it would add up to $50 in manufacturing costs and might not be any stronger or lighter than more traditional manufacturing approaches.

Does Apple have a game-changing laptop in the wings that will reinvent the MacBook and MacBook Pro design language? For their sake, they’d better. Will it be milled from a single block of aluminum? Not in this lifetime.

Great call.

What’s important to Apple about this process isn’t that it makes laptops cheaper. It’s that it makes them better at the same prices.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008