Swedish MacWorld Reports MMS Coming Soon to iPhone

Google translation of Mikael Markander’s report in the Swedish MacWorld:

One of the most common complaints of iPhone is that you have to hack it to send and receive multimedia messages. But soon, those who dislike Apple’s mobile need to look for new arguments. For in an interview with MacWorld confirms a spokesman for Telia that it will shortly launch an application for MMS.

Not sure if this means Telia is writing their own MMS iPhone app, or if they’re suggesting that Apple is adding MMS support to the system software. I haven’t seen any reports of MMS support in the iPhone OS 2.2 betas. Update: Several Swedish DF readers have confirmed that the original article makes clear that it is Telia that plans to offer this app, not Apple.

And, yes, the Swedish publication spells “MacWorld” with a capital “W”. The U.S. version does not. (Via Waffle.)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008