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Note2Self (iTunes Store)

Note2Self is a $3 audio recording app for the iPhone, and, I believe, the first iPhone app with a “just lift it to your ear to record” feature. (It shipped with the feature in July.) However, unlike Google Mobile, Note2Self doesn’t use the proximity sensor, only the accelerometer.

I bought it last night to try it out. It works better than I’d have thought, but it’s far more finicky than Google Mobile’s implementation. With Note2Self you can trigger the “lift to record” feature just by moving the iPhone and holding it at the right angle — without putting it near your head. And sometimes when you do move it to your ear it doesn’t trigger. I think it’s about as good as it could be by sticking to the published APIs, but now that the proximity sensor cat is out of the bag, I expect to see an update that uses it soon.

Thursday, 20 November 2008