The Faster CPU in the New iPod Touch

After I linked to a report suggesting that the new second-generation iPod Touch has a faster CPU than the iPhone or previous Touch, Craig Hockenberry suggested on Twitter that new-Touch-owning developers could run his hardware info code, based on the Unix sysctl() call, to see what it reports. A few DF readers did just that, and indeed, it reports a faster CPU and bus.

The iPhone, iPhone 3G, and original iPod Touch all report a 400 MHz CPU and 100 MHz bus. The new iPod Touch reports a 532 MHz CPU and 133 MHz bus. Physical memory remains the same across all hardware, at about 117 MB (which Hockenberry interprets, I think correctly, as meaning 128 MB of RAM with 11 MB being used for video).

Tuesday, 25 November 2008