From the DF Archives: Exposed

This isn’t the first time Apple has stopped participating in an annual event called “Macworld Expo”. For those of you new to scene, traditionally there were two Macworld Expos — San Francisco in January and an east coast show in Boston (or, for a handful of years, New York) in July. Here’s what I wrote in October 2002, when Apple decided to stop participating in the summer show:

So, to sum it up, the twice-yearly Expos (1) cost Apple millions of dollars; (2) put a lot of pressure on the company to make major product announcements on the Expos’ schedule, not when the products are actually ready; (3) are not under Apple’s direct control.

Daring Fireball was two months old at the time. And:

A Macworld Expo without Apple is like an airport without any airlines. The duty-free shop isn’t going to keep the lights turned on.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008