Chris Breen Reviews Radioshift Touch

Chris Breen:

Radioshift Touch performs well. Unlike WunderRadio, which has crashed several times, Radioshift Touch behaved itself in my testing. And its stability versus that of WunderRadio’s helps explain why Radioshift Touch offers far fewer streams than WunderRadio.

Rogue Amoeba’s Paul Kafasis explained that he felt the open source ffmpeg engine used by WunderRadio to stream Windows Media Audio files wasn’t reliable—it was prone to crashing and takes down any application using it. Also, its results were hit and miss—some streams play and other don’t. And, from my experience, he’s right. As I said, Radioshift Touch has proven to be more stable than WunderRadio—there are occasions when WunderRadio offers a stream that simply won’t play.

Another case of more not necessarily meaning better.

Monday, 22 December 2008