Steve Jobs Health Speculation

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz reports “Steve Jobs’s Health Declining Rapidly, Reason for Macworld Cancellation”. CNBC’s Jim Goldman retorts that Jobs is fine, citing “sources inside Apple”. Goldman:

I was told two weeks ago by sources inside Apple that the decision had nothing to do with Jobs’ health. I got the same message today. Period.

I will say again: if Apple is lying, holding some truth back, manipulating its own stock by manipulating the truth, someone — indeed a lot of people — could be going to jail. Do I like the way Apple has handled this ongoing story? No. But do I traffic in rumors to fill the void the company has created by not choosing to be more forthcoming about Jobs’s health? Absolutely not.

I’d believe CNBC over Gizmodo anyway, but the quoted passage Gizmodo includes from their “source” reads like a speculative forum posting from an illiterate.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008