Casino Profile Details Luxurious Lifestyle of Former Fry’s Executive

The San Jose Mercury News has obtained a Las Vegas Casino profile for Ausaf “Omar” Umar Siddiqui, the former Fry’s Electronics executive who’s in a bit of trouble for embezzling millions to pay for his gambling debts:

When “Mr. S” showed up in Las Vegas, bellboys, butlers and blackjack dealers made sure they were prepared for the high-rolling Fry’s Electronics executive flying in from San Jose with his long list of demands.

Fiji water, grouped in bottles of three. Golden raisins and warmed mixed nuts. Aramis cologne and badger hair shaving brush. Lint-free towels. Dom Perignon Rose champagne and Kurosawa Sake in the fridge. And never, under any circumstances, approach him from behind.

What the fuck.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009