ClickToFlash Is Dead; Long Live ClickToFlash

So it appears the original project page at Google Code for ClickToFlash is no longer accessible, for reasons unknown. That’s OK, though, because the project was open source, and it’s already been forked and slightly improved. Wolf Rentzsch is now maintaining a forked version hosted at GitHub, and it now supports Option-clicking to add the current domain to a whitelist so that Flash content will subsequently load automatically. You can add domains to the whitelist manually with the following command-line invocation:

defaults write ClickToFlash.whitelist -array-add ''

Most of you probably just want the binary installer, not the source code. There’s a download link for the installer at the bottom of the page.

ClickToFlash’s original author took care to remain anonymous. Whoever you are, thank you.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009