Brent Simmons’s New Web Publishing System

I love stories like this. The system Brent just built for himself sounds a lot like the system I was this close to building for myself when I started Daring Fireball: a template-based system that runs locally on the Mac and pushes static HTML pages to a remote server. I went with Movable Type instead not so much because I liked it better than the home-grown system I had in my head, but because it was finally starting to dawn on me that my programming projects always take a lot longer to complete than I think they will.

There have been many times since 2002 that I’ve regretted not building my own publishing system from scratch. But, now that I can post and edit to Movable Type from my iPhone, I have a major reason to be happy that I have a system that doesn’t run on my Mac.

Friday, 30 January 2009