My Guesses Regarding iPhone OS 3.0

From my Macworld Expo announcement predictions back in January:

As for what might appear in iPhone OS 3.0, here’s my wish list. First, a new home screen app (a.k.a. SpringBoard), designed from the ground up for a system where users have a few dozen or more extra apps installed. Managing dozens of apps on the iPhone today is simply a pain in the ass. Second, maybe an answer to the question of where the background notification API is — you know, the one we were told at WWDC to expect a few months ago, but which we haven’t heard a word about since. And maybe — pretty please, Mr. Forstall, with sugar on top — copy and paste.

Now that we’ve seen a preview of Palm’s Pre, I wonder if Apple is prepared to bring back the Dashboard-style JavaScript/HTML/CSS APIs for creating iPhone widgets that were slated for iPhone 1.0, but yanked for performance reasons.

Update: Another good guess, suggested by several DF readers: syncing of notes between the iPhone and Mac. And Boy Genius Report says MMS and network tethering.

Thursday, 12 March 2009