Jackass of the Week: Scott Moritz

Moritz works for Jim Cramer’s TheStreet.com, and Cramer, you will recall, has publicly admitted to spreading made up rumors regarding Apple to make money shorting their stock. But even by those lowly standards, it’s pretty goofy to be talking about a 10-inch touchscreen “netbook” from Apple as a fait accompli:

The company will unveil a 10-inch touch-screen tablet computer sometime this year, say analysts. Not only does Apple want to showcase its design prowess, the company desperately needs a new hit to revitalize its computer line-up. Mac sales fell 16% from year-ago levels last month. No question, the tablet will dazzle Apple fans who typically don’t think twice about paying upwards of $2,000 for the latest, greatest Mac. But beyond the core fan base, Apple will discover what other PC makers have known for a while: Consumers find big tablets hard to swallow.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009