The Other Side of the MacHeist Argument

Marco Arment:

I’m not interested in arguing the specifics of the MacHeist deal with developers. I’m sure that nobody will argue the core of it: these applications are being sold at a steep discount.

My point is whether it’s a good idea, as conscientious consumers, to accept such steep discounts on the products that we use and love.

My argument is that it’s not.

Along similar lines, with stronger language, Simone Manganelli:

If you’re buying MacHeist, you’re a cheap fucking bastard, and it makes me queasy that so many in the Mac community would buy into such a thing.

That there aren’t a lot of dollars to go around for each $39 sale is obvious, though. The controversy isn’t over the deal, but over whether this sort of promotion is a good business strategy.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009