Tropicana OJ Sales Plunge 20 Percent Post-Rebranding

This might go down as one of the worst rebrandings in history. AdAge reports:

A spokeswoman for Tropicana in an e-mail said, “No dots to connect here.” The company did not respond to further requests for comment.

Now’s a good time to recall the words of Peter Arnell, mastermind behind the rebranding, on what it all meant:

“Now, the reason why that’s all important is because of course squeeze maintains a certain level of power when it comes to this notion emotionally about what squeeze means, like when I squeeze, or gimme a squeeze, or the notion of a hug, or the ideas behind the power of love and the idea of transferring that love or converting that attitude between mom and the kids.”

Uh, OK. (Transcription courtesy of Cabel Sasser, very fast typist.)

Thursday, 2 April 2009