Linked List: April 10, 2009


Anti-DiggBar plugin for Ruby on Rails by Ben Sandofsky, with the best name for such a plugin so far.

DiggBar Blocker for Django 

Django plugin by Matt George.

DiggBar Blocker for ExpressionEngine 

DiggBar-blocking extension for ExpressionEngine by Derek Jones.

It’s About the URLs 

Greg Boser on the DiggBar, and why it doesn’t matter whether Digg-framed pages still get indexed accurately by search engines:

Before the DiggBar, (and with legit shortening services) all those links would point to your URL. Now, a large percentage of them are going to be links pointing to a page on Digg. Now if you are Yahoo, CNN, or the BBC, that isn’t really going to matter much. You don’t have to spend time thinking about building link equity, because you already have it. However, if you are a newer site struggling to build trusted link equity in the current black hole environment we live in, the mass adoption of the DiggBar is a serious issue.

Framing breaks bookmarking, it breaks copy-and-paste from the location field, it breaks your browser history, it breaks bookmarklets. There’s nothing OK about it.

DiggBar Killer for Greasemonkey 

Firefox users may enjoy this Greasemonkey script by Shaun Grady.

Diggbarred Plugin for WordPress 

Phil Nelson has created a WordPress plugin to block the DiggBar.

That’s Curious 

Andy Baio observes that the Digg entry for my piece on blocking the DiggBar has a high score but yet neither shows up on the home page nor in Digg search results.

Update: You can searched for “buried” stories on Digg by adding “+b” to your query, like this.


The trailer for Duncan Jones’s Moon looks terrific, like a cross between 2001, Solaris, The Shining, and Primer. The poster is pretty good too.