More From Faruk Ateş on the DiggBar

From Faruk Ateş’s thoughtful follow-up regarding the DiggBar, his suggested solution for Digg:

It must be an opt-in choice which, if not opted into, makes the short URL perform a 301 Redirect to the original page. This would then also be the behavior for non-members.

Best would be for Digg to simply outright scrap it. But if they changed it to an opt-in feature that only worked via page-framing for registered Digg users who turned it on, and acted as a regular HTTP 301 redirection service (like every other URL shortener) for everyone else, I’d still think it was douchey but I wouldn’t oppose it.

(That’s why I’m not up in arms about Facebook’s or StumbleUpon’s douchey page-framing dinguses.)

Saturday, 11 April 2009