Linked List: April 29, 2009

Steven Frank on the Office 2010 Preview 

Steven Frank:

This is impenetrable. It’s UI salad. I realize this is not (yet) shipping software, but my god. If you sat me down in front of this, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to begin.

My ‘I Told You So’ of the Day 

Yours truly, back in December 2006:

By the way, my spidey sense says Twitter is going to be one of those “everyone’s using it” big deals pretty soon.

User Interface of the Week: Microsoft Office 2010 

Keep rocking that floppy disk icon, Microsoft.

Lego iMac G4 Junior 

Luxo Jr.-inspired Lego design by Bjarne Tveskov.

The Official White House Photostream on Flickr 

I love these photos from official White House photographer Pete Souza — it’s a historical photo documentary being published in real time. Some give you a real feel for the White House. Some are downright banal — like this one where President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are just talking behind the scenes in a cluttered hallway at a summit meeting. A few more of my favorites: