Clipstart 1.0

New $29 video file management app by Manton Reece, with built-in support for uploading to Flickr and Vimeo. The basic premise is that it’s sort of like iPhoto or iTunes for movie files — Clipstart makes it easy to import new movies from an attached USB camera or SD card, and once imported, Clipstart is optimized for tagging and flagging clips using the keyboard.

I’ve been beta testing Clipstart for months, and have my entire library of Flip (and Kodak Zi6) footage stored in it. Back before iPhoto existed, I used to store all my digital photos in folders by hand, using the Finder as the management tool. That’s what I was doing for Flip clips before Clipstart, and at this point, I can’t imagine going back. Clipstart makes it easy to triage new footage (tag the keepers, trash the junk) and to find existing clips in your library. Check out the screencast demo to see how simple and convenient it is.

Monday, 4 May 2009