Adam Lisagor on Tumblr’s new “Tumblarity” metric (which, Lisagor points out, would sound a lot better and have a more natural adjectival form if they’d called it “tumbularity”; i.e. tumbular rather than the god-awful tumblarious). Anyway, I like this bit of analysis:

I haven’t a clue what my Tumblariety score means. Thus, it’s not much of a score, which makes it not much of a game. I stay away from games that I don’t understand. Granted, I’m dense, so this rules out Monopoly, the stock market, World of Warcraft, and dating, but I can’t see myself getting much into a game I feel a near-complete lack of control over.

I too prefer games with very clearly defined simple scoring rules.

Saturday, 9 May 2009