That’s a Tough One to Spin, But I Give Them Points for Trying

Matt Richtel:

A Palm spokeswoman, Lynn Fox, said that people who equate success with packed stores may be disappointed, because the company will take time to generate buzz with the new phone. “We’re not like Apple,” she said.

And Mark Elliott, a spokesman for Sprint, said the company not only didn’t expect long lines for the Pre at its 1,100 stores — it didn’t want them. “We’re actually trying to manage the exact opposite,” Mr. Elliott said.

I don’t think anyone expected iPhone-style day one lines for the Pre, but it’s an inevitable point of comparison. The Pre is and will continue to be compared to the iPhone in every regard, because it’s the only other phone in the iPhone’s league.

(Also worth noting: Lynn Fox used to work for Apple as director of Mac PR.)

Thursday, 4 June 2009