Cory Bohon writes:

One of the most awaited features, push notifications, requires a constant data connection. While the iPhone 3G can handle data and voice simultaneously when using a 3G/HSDPA connection, on EDGE (the cellular data service that the original iPhone uses) you are unable to take calls and maintain a persistent data connection. As a result, if you turn on the push notification service, you may be unable to receive voice calls.

This is utter nonsense. If push required a “constant data connection” your battery would run down like water through a sieve. The whole point of creating this system is so iPhones won’t need a constant data connection. I’m aware of no reason why original iPhone users should expect voice calling problems with push notifications.

I love how they decorated the story with a “3.0 FAIL” icon.

Update: Good apology here.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009