CNBC: ‘Jobs Had Liver Transplant’


Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, received a liver transplant about two months ago in Tennessee but is expected to return to work later this month. Two sources confirmed to CNBC that Jobs had the surgery and another confirmed that his plane flew from San Jose to Memphis in late March.

This is the first report to cite sources other than the WSJ report. (“Late March” is about three months ago, not two, but it’s possible he was there for a month before having the procedure.)

This, though, is odd:

Apple’s stock had tanked in January, falling as low as $78.20, when Jobs said he had a hormone imbalance and the company announced that its founder would be taking a six-month medical leave. It has since made a choppy comeback as concerns about his health persist.

I’m looking at the six-month AAPL chart right now, and it doesn’t look “choppy” to me.

Update: Funny how the news regarding Steve Jobs’s six-month medical leave caused the entire stock market to dive in January. I don’t think Apple could stand another six months like that previous six.

Sunday, 21 June 2009