The Edge of Reason

Simon Parkin has written a comprehensive story for Eurogamer on the legal battle between Mobigame, makers of the wonderful iPhone game Edge, and Timothy Langdell, a despicable trademark troll:

He offered Papazian two ways out: “One: change the name of your game to something that does not contain the word EDGE in it within the next 7 calendar days. Two: License the right to use the trademark ‘EDGE’ from us.”

But what appeared to be a straightforward offer turned out to be a more complex settlement as Langdell continued: “If you decide to take option 1, then we would need payment for your use of the trademark to the day you change the name. We propose 25 per cent of the revenues you have received from the game to the day you stop using our mark. If you decide to take option 2, then [you would need to add] a subtitle such as “EDGE: An Homage to Bobby Bearing” and to add our company name (EDGE Games Inc) immediately below yours in the opening screen.”

(What’s particularly rich is that Bobby Bearing, the game Langdell claims Mobigame’s Edge is based on, was obviously inspired by Marble Madness.)

Monday, 3 August 2009