Pre-Order Snow Leopard From Amazon

Those of you reading this on the DF web site (as opposed to the RSS feed) may notice I’ve added a promotional reminder up in the top-right corner, shamelessly pimping Amazon pre-orders for Snow Leopard and the Snow Leopard family pack. I know I linked to these a week ago, but it really is a big deal — I make more from Amazon kickbacks for these biennial major Mac OS X updates than I do from all other Amazon products combined. For obvious reasons, DF’s audience is pretty much square in the middle of the market for selling Mac OS X updates.

If you buy from Amazon, you get a good price and Amazon’s price guarantee — if the price goes down before Snow Leopard actually ships, you’ll get that price. Also, after clicking these links, any other purchases you make from Amazon throw referral lucre my way.

Snow Leopard doesn’t seem to yet be available for pre-order from Canada or the U.K., but readers in those countries can set a preference to get and links on the DF preferences page.

Monday, 10 August 2009