Andre Torrez Is Using an Android G1 for a Month

Interesting perspective on what it’s like to go full-time Android after two years of using an iPhone. He’s got two follow-ups so far, here and here. This bit from his second entry, on what is widely regarded as the best Android Twitter client, captures the sort of “Eh, good enough” attitude that would drive me nuts:

Twidroid is a little chunky when scrolling, offers lengthy menus you have to scroll through when the phone is turned sideways, and generally feels rough to me. There is a “delete” option for every tweet, not just my own, but every tweet. When you push that option you are told, “You may not delete another users (sic) status”. They shipped that.

The best thing that could happen for iPhone users would be for the Android and/or WebOS communities to start shipping apps that make iPhone owners jealous. Google Voice for Android is the best example so far.

Update: And he’s given up after just seven days. Cripes.

Monday, 10 August 2009