Vanderbilt Republic Foundation ‘Masters’ Project at Kickstarter

A few weeks ago I linked to the Vanderbilt Republic Foundation, a new creative initiative whose first project is an upcoming month-long photographic documentary project in Cambodia, to capture the stories of performing arts masters whose ranks were nearly wiped out by Pol Pot’s regime in the 1970s. A few days later, I linked to Andy Baio’s announcement that he’s taken the position of CTO at Kickstarter, an amazing new fundraising platform for artists, designers, journalists, and more.

VRF and Kickstarter are two of the most interesting new projects I’ve been following this year. (I’ve gone so far as to accept a position on the VRF’s advisory committee.) And, now, I can link them together: the VRF is using Kickstarter to raise funds for the Masters project.

I got things started with the first backing pledge, for $100. I hope you’ll watch the project video and consider backing this project too.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009