Kottke’s Visitor Trends and Statistics

Fascinating trends from another non-Mac site that shows tremendous recent growth in Mac users. Also worth looking at the browser trends, where Safari and Chrome are gaining fast — another year like this one and Kottke will have more WebKit users than Gecko ones.

In a footnote, Kottke mentions search engine traffic:

Google is ruling the search space more than ever. 93.2% of the incoming search traffic to kottke.org comes from Google. That’s up from 91.2% a year ago and 83.7% two years ago (!!).

For DF it’s far more pronounced. For the month of September to date, Google accounts for 98.1 percent of my search traffic (and 16.8 percent of my total page views). No other search engine breaks the 1 percent mark.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009