Vonage Releases Calling Apps for iPhone and BlackBerry

Jenna Wortham:

On Monday, Vonage, the Internet telephony company, is releasing a mobile application for BlackBerrys, iPhones and iPod Touches. The application, which is free, will allow users to place low-cost international calls over Wi-Fi and cellular voice networks.

Wait a minute, I thought VOIP was only allowed over Wi-Fi for iPhone apps?

Update: Looks like it’s not VOIP over the cellular network. From MacRumors:

iPhone users calling international numbers via the Vonage Mobile application on a cellular network are automatically connected to Vonage’s network and utilize only domestic airtime minutes on their carrier while paying Vonage’s international rates for the calls from a prepaid, automatically refillable account.

So when not on Wi-Fi, you have to place a regular voice call.

Monday, 5 October 2009