I Remember When It Used to Be Called ‘Fixing Bugs’

Jim Dalrymple:

Apple has taken an unusual step in its efforts to stop groups from hacking its iPhone hardware — it changed the iPhone 3GS in mid- production.

The news of the modified iPhone 3GS BootROM was first reported on iClarified on Tuesday. The report noted that the new iPhone is no longer vulnerable to the so-called “24kpwn” exploit. As AppleInsider notes, it’s this exploit that hackers have used to jailbreak the iPhone. With the most recent update, they will have to find another way to hack the device.

The title of Dalrymple’s story is “Apple Ships Modified iPhone 3GS to Stop Hacking”. It wouldn’t seem unusual at all if the title were “Apple Fixes Exploitable Bug in Boot ROM”. The bugs exploited by jailbreakers aren’t sacred. They’re bugs.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009