Brian Lam Throws a Fit Because RIM Didn’t Send Gizmodo a Storm 2 Review Unit

Hard to believe any company wouldn’t put Gizmodo at the top of their list for review units after reading this thoughtful well-reasoned piece by Brian “I Guarantee the iPhone Will Be Released the Monday Before Christmas 2006” Lam.

Update: It certainly could be that RIM knows the Storm 2 is a clunker, and they suspected that Gizmodo’s reviewers would flatly say so, and so they didn’t send a review unit simply to avoid a sure-fire bad review. Product reviews are without question the best part of Gizmodo (and Engadget). But that’s not how Lam’s diatribe reads. Lam feels insulted, but rather than say so, he says instead that RIM has insulted Gizmodo’s readers, which I find humorous in that Lam is the guy who has so much respect for Gizmodo readers that, for instance, when he found out that Cisco was going to announce some sort of slapdash “iPhone” VOIP dingus in December 2006 in an effort to protect their iPhone trademark, Lam let them (i.e. trusting Gizmodo readers) believe for an entire weekend that Apple was announcing the iPhone that coming Monday — a stunt that converted trust into extra page views.

Friday, 16 October 2009