Thanks to BusyMac for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed to promote BusyCal, their new alternative to iCal. On their web site, they say “Think of it as iCal Pro”. That’s a bold statement, but that’s exactly what BusyCal is. It does nearly everything iCal does, does it better, and adds so much more. The biggest feature is sharing calendars — both on the local network and across the Internet. BusyCal contains all the features of BusySync, which I’ve raved about for years.

BusyCal also offers: a superior event-editing interface, recurring to-dos, a list view, and it syncs with Google Calendar and the iPhone. I consider BusyCal a must-have utility.

Through 1 December 2009, DF readers can save 20 percent off BusyCal with coupon code “DARINGFIREBALL”.

Friday, 13 November 2009