Dan Provost on Interruptions From the iPhone SMS App

Dan Provost:

My proposal has nothing to do with running apps in the background, but rather, to improve the way the native out-of-the-box apps run in the foreground. As an iPhone user, my ultimate annoyance is receiving a text message notification while using an app, and not being able to reply to the message without exiting the app. The proposed solution (demonstrated in the video below) has the messaging interface open up in the foreground when “Reply” is tapped, rather than exiting the app.

Receiving an SMS you wish to reply to while using an app that loses context when you quit/relaunch is, without question, one of my biggest iPhone peeves. I filed a Radar enhancement request on this back in July and it was marked as a duplicate.

(Also, dig the title of Provost’s weblog.)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009