Juicy Bits App Incorrectly Flagged as Using Private APIs

This one seems to be a genuine incorrect rejection for private API use: Juicy Bits has a camera-based app that uses OS 3.1-only camera features, but still runs on OS 3.0 by disabling those features when the app runs on OS 3.0. This particular feature — customizing UIImagePickerController — was frequently abused by private API users in the past, prior to Apple’s introduction of official support for this stuff in OS 3.1.

According to Juicy Bits, they’re not doing that, but their app was rejected anyway:

We’re now wondering if the static analysis tool sees the 3.1.x API call in our app, notices that it runs on 3.0.x devices (that don’t support the new APIs), and flags or rejects it as a result. This would actually make sense! The only problem is that the tool appears to be ignoring the code where we check the device version before making that call, and that may be the nuance that’s causing all of our delays.

Friday, 20 November 2009