Tim Bray on Android Market Fragmentation

Tim Bray:

Here’s what I think: First of all, Android is still one of the most important platforms out there for the next few years. Second, we still haven’t seen a truly great Android phone (the Droid’s not it). It’s going to be interesting.

I don’t disagree with Bray’s conclusion. And I haven’t used a Droid so I won’t judge it, and there are definitely others who would argue that the Droid is the first great Android phone. I’ll just say that if the consensus winds up that the Droid isn’t a great Android phone, this is the sort of attitude that’ll sink Android. It’s the same attitude desktop Linux has always had, that the future is going to be great, so don’t worry about the present.

Like a sports team that’s always saying “Wait until next year”, meanwhile, Apple has won another championship this year.

Sunday, 22 November 2009