AdMob’s October 2009 Mobile Metrics Report

The full report, in PDF format, is here. Page 7 is where the interesting numbers are. The two most popular handsets are the iPhone and iPod Touch. Most interesting to me is the column showing percentage share change in the list of top device manufacturers:

  • Apple’s is great (+6.9%).
  • HTC’s is good (+1.2%).
  • Nokia’s, Palm’s, and Sony Ericsson’s are bad (-2.6%, -1.0%, and -0.8% respectively — particularly ominous for Palm, I think, in terms of traction for the Pre).
  • Everyone else, including RIM, is pretty much just treading water.

Also interesting on p. 7 are the pie charts comparing device market share with OS market share. The two charts are nearly identical. That might change if Android takes off.

Monday, 23 November 2009