Journalists Told Not to Use or Mention Apple Products at Windows Mobile Event in Germany

Childish, if true. Here’s the original story in German; would love to get a translation from a German-speaking DF reader.

Update: Here’s a translation from a DF reader:

“This is a Microsoft event” a manager harshly rebuked a journalist. “Apple products have no business being here.” And in the following silence, as some bashful laughter threatened to emerge, he added: “I’m serious about it!”.

The offense: Over dinner, the reporter mentioned — casually — that there has never been an easier-to-use smartphone than the iPhone. And this was an event meant to promote Windows Mobile 6.5.

“I was shocked about the emotionality” one of the present journalists exclaimed. “Apparently the company is under a lot of pressure”.

A little different than forbidding them from being used.

Also, in the original article in the Handelsblatt (a major German business daily), it’s ambiguous whether the “manager” in question was from Microsoft or from Samsung, but I think the best bet is Samsung.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009