Engadget’s Live Coverage of Steve Ballmer’s CES Keynote

One odd takeaway: what Microsoft once called “tablet PCs”, it now calls “slate PCs”. This strikes me as beyond coincidence regarding the hype from MacRumors’ story that Apple has the trademark and domain name for “iSlate”. I honestly think Microsoft renamed these things on the basis on a rumored name for Apple’s tablet, just to try to fuck with them. (I can’t wait for all the stories, when Apple unveils The Tablet with some name other than “iSlate”, that Apple changed the name at the last minute because of these Microsoft jobbies.)

Anyway, all these “slates” announced tonight are just tablet PCs running Windows 7 — a terrible interface for a touch screen. Nice job, Ashlee Vance of the New York Times.

Maybe Microsoft thinks they’re somehow sticking it to Apple by taking the “slate” name first, but everything tablet-related they announced on stage was boring non-news. The only cool stuff they announced (Natal) isn’t going to ship for close to a year. This is a comparison they want to draw with Apple? I’m left with the impression of a company that’s flailing.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010