Magazines Double Down on Print

Rafat Ali, writing for Paid Content:

Five of the leading publishers — Time Inc., Hearst, Condé Nast, Wenner Media, and Meredith — have banded together for this “power of print” campaign, reminiscent of a similar campaign by newspaper publishers a few years ago, when the world was slightly rosier. […] One ad says: “The Internet is fleeting. Magazines are immersive.”

Sure, that’ll do it. Also, I did not know this:

And of course who else but the troglodyte Jann Wenner to “orchestrate” this campaign, the guy whose magazine Rolling Stone can’t figure out how to keep a domain name up; and oh wait, who outsources the running of the mag website to RealNetworks, until late last year. That Wenner. Good luck, the other four.

Sure enough, look at this “sign up for our newsletter” page on Rolling Stone’s web site:

This site is operated by RealNetworks, Inc. (“Operator”) in partnership with Rolling Stone L.L.C.

Monday, 1 March 2010