Hulu iPad App in the Works, May Be Used to Test Subscriptions

Brian Stelter and Brad Stone, reporting for the NYT:

People briefed on Hulu’s plan believe it may test the subscription approach with its iPad app. They could not say when such an application might be available.

[Hulu CEO Jason] Kilar declined to talk about any future Hulu products, but he waxed enthusiastic about the coming wave of ultra-portable tablet computers like the iPad. “Typically media consumption in the house was confined to the living room or home office,” he said. Tablets, he added, “allow consumers to serendipitously discover and consume media in every room of the house.”

When Hulu ships its iPad app, what becomes the next “This is why Apple has to add Flash Player to iPhone OS” poster child? FarmVille? Uh, maybe not.

Monday, 19 April 2010