Claim Chowder: ‘Why the iPad Will Fail and Help Windows 7 to Succeed’

Mike Halsey, on January 28:

All this will have come about because Apple have done the R&D and released a product that’s been instantly derided as ugly and not what people want.  If I were Steve Ballmer today, I’d be splashing out on an extra skiing holiday.

Mike Halsey, on April 29:

The simple fact is that neither Android nor Windows 7 are finger-friendly tablet-oriented operating systems. Android treats every device it’s on as though it has a big desktop and is, essentially just a computer, and Windows 7 is far from finger-friendly.

Apple’s iPad has proven what you should do to make a tablet device friendly and Microsoft’s own Courier concept device has been widely hailed as the way these devices really should be.

Courier, of course, was publicly canceled by Microsoft later that day.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010