CBS Legal Department Sends Cease and Desist to 48 HR Magazine

David Carr:

In an editor’s note, the collective said that they wanted to test out a theory of the case that new technologies can produce analog glory: “We all want proof that it doesn’t take a bunch of money and lawyers to make something great. And you know what? It doesn’t.”

Well, yes and no. On May 11, Lauren Marcello, the assistant general counsel at CBS sent a cease and desist letter, noting that “CBS is the owner of the rights in the award-winning news magazine television series, ‘48 Hours,’ and its companion series, including ‘48 Hours Mystery,’” adding later in the letter, “your use is unlawful and constitutes trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition …” along with a lot of other complicated, vaguely threatening legalese.

Everyone should buy a copy of issue zero to make up their own minds.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010