Kara Swisher on the Anti-Apple Focus of Yesterday’s Google I/O Keynote

Kara Swisher:

Two at its rival was probably appropriate. Three, welllll, okay, if you insist.

Unfortunately, the continued verbal jousts by many Google execs — including from CEO Eric Schmidt — onstage at the San Francisco developers conference at Apple got tired pretty quickly and soon felt petty, juvenile and, ultimately, made Google look needlessly defensive.

People see what they want to see. Count me in with Swisher; I think it’s weird how the App Store and iPhone OS were so clearly the central focus of a Google keynote. Judging from my email and Twitter replies, though, there are clearly many others who saw Google as racking up one solid hit against Apple after another.

Judge for yourself by watching the keynote. (Score one for Google against Apple for broadcasting keynote addresses live — can you even imagine how popular live keynote streams would be for Apple? Score one for Apple for posting their keynotes as single video files; Google posts theirs in crummy YouTube-size 10-minute chunks.)

Friday, 21 May 2010